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Everything You Need to Know About Dominican Women

No matter what your preferences are, Dominican Republic women are extraordinary. Many people say they are the most beautiful women in the world, and we definitely have to agree. They may not be the most exotic and not truly “South American type” like Colombian or Brazilian girls, but their physical attractiveness takes the upper hand among others.

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Why Dominican Women Are So Popular?

Dominican Republic girls are fantastically popular among Western men (especially among the men from the USA). There are at least three reasons for that — and they all are here. Let’s start with the most obvious one.

Reason #1: They are beautiful

It’s not the most important quality in a woman, of course, and it’s certainly not the only thing that matters. But when it comes to Dominican ladies, beauty is the very first thing that fascinates men, even the men who are focused on the inner world of women. Fantastic body, golden skin tone, beautiful eyes — no one can help but be impressed by how these women look.

Reason #2: They are emotional and feminine

But when you hear the word “emotional”, you probably think about the wrong thing. Dominican Republic women are not unstable, they are not arrogant, and they are not chaotic. Yeah, they can be loud sometimes, but that’s only because they just don’t think that they have to hide their emotions — they just say what they feel and think, that’s all. Some American women don’t know how to express what they feel. Dominican girls, in turn, don’t know how to hide it — and it’s just great because her directness will help you understand what she wants and how to solve your relationship problems.

Femininity is another thing you’ll love about your Dominican woman. Let’s face it: sometimes, there’s too much of feminism in the West. Sometimes, Western women talk too much about equal rights and about the destruction of gender roles. If you feel at least a little tired of all this stuff, welcome to La República Dominicana — Dominican wives just don’t care about it. Their culture, history, and traditions make them respect traditional gender roles. They aren’t afraid to be feminine — so if you want to find a country where womanly, respectful, and understanding ladies live, consider it done.

Reason #3: They are focused on family

If you are looking for one-night stands, you don’t actually have to waste money on traveling to the Dominican Republic. The thing is, the average Dominican girl doesn’t just want to hook up — she wants to build a relationship, to have a baby, and to find a husband. Wife material at its best.

What are Dominican Brides Like

From a young age, Dominican girls possess natural beauty. Being a mix of different races, they commonly have dark skin, long tight curls, and curvy shapes, rarely seen among European or Asian women. That’s why men should be extra careful when having intimate relations with Dominican ladies – sometimes they can seem more adult than their real age. Before dating a Dominican republic girl, always verify she is at least 18 years old.

Personalities of Dominican Mail Order Brides

Unlike other Latin American countries, the Dominican Republic instills the importance of social status in their women. So they pay attention to the skin tone of their potential partners – the lighter the skin, the higher the position on a social ladder is. This fact gives a strong advantage to the European men over the locals.

Girls from a higher class usually travel a lot, possess expensive clothes, cars, and go to fancy restaurants. For an average European or American guy, they are not a good option. Dominican women from the lower socio-economic backgrounds are more accessible and, what’s more important, they are a lot more interested in dating foreigners.

Though, all the facts above are cliches to a greater extent. Most of Dominican Republic girls are loving, full of life, and social. Who knows, maybe you will meet your dream Dominican bride there.

Are Dominican women easy?

Most men who are unfamiliar with the local culture think that Dominican girls are easy. This myth stems from their sexual figures, tight clothes, and social dancing culture. In this country, women are indeed great fans of Merengue – the traditional dance originated from the Dominican Republic where partners have literally their hips connected. Given these facts, people may come to the conclusion that local girls have lots of lovers and question their loyalty.

However, that is far from the truth. Dominican wives are very conservative due to the Catholic upbringing. Most modern women are not extremely religious but keep in mind that some of them are against sex before marriage.

What is the difference between Dominican and American women?

Culturally, the Dominican Republic wives are as diverse as Americans. They can be mothers with three children and have a full-time job, or they can devote all their time to family. Although physically they show the mix of European and African women, in their hearts they are just like any other women.

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Where Can You Meet Dominican Brides?

There are at least two ways to find a lady from this country. Let’s talk about them.

Method #1: Tinder

It’s fast, it’s free, and it works. But unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to build a strong and long-term relationship with a Dominicana lady you find on Tinder. And don’t forget that you’ll have to be really good at pick up lines (in Spanish!) to pick a girl up!

Method #2: Use a Dominican dating site

It’s the best and the cheapest method. You find a site, sign up, talk to the ladies, choose one, and arrange a date. It’s simple as that — but be careful, because not all the dating services are equally good. Right now, we’ll talk about choosing a safe and reliable one.

How to Find a Reliable Dominican Dating Website?

So, the task is: there are lots of Dominican dating sites, and only a few of them are worth your time and money. How to find them? Let’s solve the task.

First, check the safety certificates and reputation of the website. It’s the must-do thing, actually — if the Dominican mail order bride service isn’t safe or has tons of bad reviews, you should close the page and never go back. SSL and antivirus certificates, real reviews, ID verification — all these things are extremely important, so you’ll have to double-check each of them.

Then, the site should have reasonable prices. We don’t want to say that it should be cheap, no — quite the contrary, too low prices are suspicious. But the credits or/and premium subscriptions shouldn’t hit your wallet.

The women must be real. There are several things you can do to make sure that they are real — google their photos, try to find their profiles on Facebook, etc. We also recommend paying attention to the ID verification — if all the ladies undergo obligatory verification, you can be sure that there are no fake profiles on this website. And take a look at the photos — if 100% of women look like supermodels, it’s pretty suspicious.

Don’t forget about other factors. Does a dating service have good customer support? Does it have a 24/7 live chat so that you can solve any problem ASAP? What about the number of ladies? If there are thousands of them, it’s ok, but there are lots of small dating sites with several hundreds of members. Does the service have a mobile app? What about the site interface? If all these factors are ok, congratulations — you’ve just found a reliable dating service.

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5 Tips on Dating a Dominican Woman

To be fair, the question “how to impress a lady from Dominicana?” sounds like “how long is a piece of string?”. All these women are different, and they all love and hate different things. However, they still have something in common. So, what to do while dating a Dominican woman to impress her?

  • Forget about the 3-day rule and do it fast. That’s just how it works in this country — if you’re too slow, you won’t attract anyone.
  • Forget about beta behavior — you should always be direct here. Just don’t try to “do everything right” — “doing it right” is “doing it fast” and “being direct” in Dominicana.
  • Learn Spanish. It’s not a must-do, of course, but at least a few words in Spanish will impress your date.
  • Always dress well — the ladies in Dominicana look perfect, so you should do your best to look good, too. If you know anything about dancing, it’s great. If you can dance salsa, it’s just perfect.
  • Never send money. Unfortunately, the gold diggers still exist, and they love international dating. So, if a woman asks you for money, ignore her, block her account, and report abuse, that’s all.


Dominican Republic wives are worth it. They look great, they want to have a family, they are loyal, and they adore Western men — so you have every chance of finding a life partner in this country. Safety is a must when it comes to international dating —so you’ll most likely have to spend a lot of time finding the right website and checking if it has real or fake members. And don’t forget — after all, it’s still worth it.