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    Guide on Ecuadorian Women: All You Need to Know
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    Guide on Ecuadorian Women: All You Need to Know

    Beautiful Ecuadorian girls is what you need!
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    Guide on Ecuadorian Women: All You Need to Know
    What would you imagine the perfect woman to be? Beautiful, passionate, having seductive body curves, splendid smile, big eyes, chocolate skin… 95% men would definitely imagine Latina lady, as no other ethnicity could compare to gorgeous Costa Ricans, Brazilians or Colombians.
    Guide on Ecuadorian Women: All You Need to Know

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    La Date Review
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    However, with regard to Ecuadorian women, this rule is not really working. Very often they are overlooked. It happens because tourists prefer far more interesting countries above Ecuador.

    The beauty of Ecuador women is not so sharp and eye-catching. But they have many other features to be appreciated for. Let’s pay closer attention to the women of Ecuador, and maybe you will be the one to unlock the secret of their majestic personality.

    ecuadorian women

    Why Ecuadorian Women Are so Popular?

    Hidden Gem

    While in other countries of Latin America the women are valued for their striking appearance, the Ecuador girls can win you with their personalities. No, we don’t want to say that women from Ecuador are not pretty. They just don’t boast of their beauty. Wearing a loose shirt and plain shorts, Ecuadorian woman will charm you with her special vibes and friendly attitude.

    If you are used to dating models, Ecuador is not among top dating places for you. Ecuador ladies cannot boast of long legs. Their average height usually comprises approximately 5 feet.

    Politeness as a second name

    Ecuadorian girls are raised in strict family traditions, so it may seem they are somewhat reserved. Especially towards strangers. But it is not really so. Ecuador ladies are extremely respectful and polite. Usually, Ecuadorian girl is not active and won’t start a conversation first, but in case you would take the initiative in regard to her, you will see that almost every Ecuador beauty is extremely friendly and easy-going.

    Family traditions

    As we have already said, the girls from Ecuador are very traditional. From childhood, they are being taught that the family is the main thing in life, and their vocation is to become a good mother and wife. The Ecuador brides know how to clean, cook and raise children. They are not afraid of hard work and will become your most devoted support. So, if you are seeking a girl for marriage, the Ecuadorian lady is what you need. Don’t miss your chance!


    If you are looking for having fun with Ecuadorian women, the best decision will be to forget about your plans. Ecuador brides’ attitude towards sex is very traditional. The girls from Ecuador need to be sure your intentions towards her are serious enough to proceed in your relationships.

    Ecuador is perfect if you are looking for a modest and hard-working housewife, but not one-night-stand girl.

    Strange food preferences

    It may shock you or not, but beautiful Ecuadorian women eat…guinea-pigs. These pretty, fluffy creatures… It would be interesting to get to know your Ecuadorian romantic interest closer to learn what is in the head of a lady who likes dishes like this.

    What are Ecuadorian Brides Like

    They are extremely loving

    The Girls in Ecuador are the absolute embodiment of love and care. Despite the widespread feminist movement, Ecuadorian women stay feminine and devoted housewives. The Ecuador wives provide their husbands with immense support. Even if she doesn’t know how to solve a problem, she will create a perfect environment for her husband to cope with it.

    They love their parents above all

    There are a lot of things the girls in Ecuador do for and because of their parents: live at parents’ house until get married, go to church, behave well…She will always do what her parents tell her to do. Ecuadorian woman will share all her problems and secrets with her mother or/and grandmother, as she considers them to be the ultimate authorities in all life questions. Even Ecuadorian women in their early 40’s can stay with their parents. Such a way of life is very common and has a few defensible reasons:

    1. Ecuador is not among the most flourishing and rich countries. It is easier for people to stay together in order to support themselves;
    2. As it has already been said, Ecuadorian women are great housewives. They are not afraid of donkeywork. Very often Ecuador girls stay with their parents to help them around the house or in a family business;
    3. Conservatism and religious views.
    ecuador girls

    They love strange TV shows

    It is hard not to get surprised when you watch Ecuadorian TV for the first time. The local shows are extremely weird. The weirder – the better. How would you like the show where the participants get electroshocked for the wrong answer to the question? Nevertheless, Ecuadorian women just love them!

    Coffee at night

    Ecuadorian women, as well as all Ecuadorians in general, love drinking instant coffee late in the evening, usually with some homemade cookies. If you don’t know what Ecuador dating site to choose for your first date, invite your Ecuador beauty for a cup of fragrant drink.

    Where you can meet Ecuadorian Brides?

    It is not an easy question to answer, in case we are talking about Ecuador. Frankly speaking, it is possible to meet Ecuadorian women in every corner of the country. But Ecuadorian women are so conservative that it would be quite a challenge.

    The most beautiful Ecuador women for marriage live in such big cities as Quito, Cuenca, Santo Domingo and Guayaquil. However, the easiest and the fastest way to find Ecuadorian woman to your taste is to make friends with her via online dating platforms. Despite their conservatism, there are a lot of Ecuador brides on Latin American dating sites. Keep reading to learn how to choose a reliable dating website to meet the love of your life.

    Website of the day: La Date

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    How to find a Reliable Ecuadorian Dating Website?

    It may seem a bit odd to seek your soulmate online. But nowadays, a great number of Internet dating sites offer a high level of services and security. So, it is a nice opportunity not to waste your time and money for traveling and to feel more confident while talking to a girl on the other side of the screen.

    What do you need to pay attention to to find a decent website where you would meet Ecuadorian women?

    Selection of women

    A huge variety of ladies on the website is a crucial site feature to check. Mind that all women should be both diverse and easy to contact. Too polished profiles should set off the alarm bells as to the reliability of the website – it would be impossible to meet a real Ecuadorian woman there.


    Hardly any reliable dating website is free to use. Usually, it is either paid membership or additional features you should buy. If the website is legit, it cannot be absolutely free or too expensive. The price should correspond to the quality.

    Design and Safety

    Decent dating website cannot look obsolete. If the administrators care about their product and reputation, they would make the web page look exquisite, ensure intuitive navigation and logic placement of content blocks.

    Always check safety issues before registering at any dating website. A legit service would have a special section with safety guidelines, extensively describing safe dating principles. Sophisticated SSL encryption to ensure the protection of personal data is also crucial for websites like these.

    Now, when you are aware of the key principles for reliable dating website to find a lot of stunning Ecuadorian women for marriage, it’s high time to proceed to the section about how to invite your Ecuador beauty to the first date and not to mess up.

    ecuador women

    Ecuadorian Tips on Dating Ecuadorian Girl

    Be serious

    In case you are searching for a lady just to have fun, then you should definitely omit Ecuadorian women. They prefer long-lasting lifetime family relations, so your Ecuador beauty can be really pissed off in case she knows she is just one-night-stand option for you.

    Be ready to meet her parents

    As it has already been said, family means everything to Ecuadorian woman. You girl would definitely invite you to her place to meet all her relatives. So, if you are planning to build serious relationships, try your best to make her parents love you. If you fail to do that, you may be dumped.

    Choose a quiet place for your first date

    Ecuadorian women are not among those latin brides who like night clubs or noisy bars for their first date. Let it be a romantic dinner at some quiet restaurant with classic music. Or just a slow walk around a park. Select a place where you would have a chance to get to know each other better.

    Don’t push her

    On your first date, Ecuadorian woman may seem a bit reserved and shy. It is not because she doesn’t like you – it is just a way she has been brought up. Just be yourself and tell her the truth about your intentions and desires. And you will see how friendly and easy-going women of Ecuador can be!

    No skin-on-skin contact

    Don’t expect Ecuadorian girls to kiss or even hug you on your first date. Not to mention spending night together. Ecuadorian women should completely trust their men to proceed in the relations. So, be patient and do your best to win her trust before any physical contact between you happens.


    How much is the Ecuadorian bride’s price?

    The price is about $6K if you’re planning to get a mail order bride from Ecuador. This is quite a reasonable price which includes online and offline expenses.

    What do Ecuadorian brides wear?

    White dresses are common among Ecuadorian brides, although you can come across some other styles of wedding dresses.

    What is an Ecuadorian mail order bride?

    An Ecuadorian mail order bride is a woman from Ecuador who’ll be included in the catalog of a particular mail order bride platform. She’ll be interested in finding the right partner for commitment abroad. 

    Where to find an Ecuadorian bride?

    Love Fort should be an ideal online destination for dating Ecuadorian singles for marriage. Or you can visit this country to meet local singles in popular places like the Galapagos Islands, Salinas beaches, and Malecon.

    The delusion that Ecuadorian women are not so good-looking and friendly as other Latinas is quite widespread. However, as you can see from this article, it is totally not true. Women from Ecuador just don’t show up their beauty. Quite conservative though kind, caring and loving, they can become perfect wives and outstanding mothers. And these are the key things any mature man is seeking in marriage, isn’t he?
    Beautiful Latina women is
    what you need!
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