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    All You Need to Know About Colombian Mail Order Brides
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    All You Need to Know About Colombian Mail Order Brides

    Beautiful Colombian bride is what you need!
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    All You Need to Know About Colombian Mail Order Brides
    Colombia is a beautiful country – it is famous for its deep blue sea, jungles, mind-blowing landscapes, and friendly people. However, there is no secret that gorgeous Colombian brides are its greatest treasure. Columbian girls do not follow the trends, do not get upset over small things in life, and never pretend to be someone else.
    All You Need to Know About Colombian Mail Order Brides
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    colombian brides

    Colombian mail order brides know how to make a man happy, but what exactly do they have to offer to foreign guys? What is it like to date a lady from this country? Let us find out!

    Why Colombian Mail Order Brides Are So Popular?

    Of course, we realize that Colombian women are not identical – they all are unique people who have their personality traits and characteristics. Furthermore, people living in Bogota are a bit different from people living near the Amazon River, and they, in turn, are different from Colombians living in the north-west of the country. Still, they share some common traits that we cannot ignore.

    So, here are the two main reasons why Colombian brides are so popular abroad.

    It is all about curves – Today, yesterday, and always

    What is Colombian beauty in 2019? Well, it has not changed for centuries. Colombian beauty standards are completely different from European, Asian, and even American standards – you will not meet sporty mommies or skinny girls in the streets of Bogota or anywhere else. All Colombian girls are dreaming of having long, thick, and straight hair, white teeth, curves (of course!), super small waist, big breasts, and a small nose. Such girls win beauty contests, and such girls make men dream only of them.

    Another important thing to mention is that these ladies do not waste all their money on clothes. Well, that is the good news for all men who want to meet Colombian singles – they will not have to spend a fortune on designer handbags and luxury jewelry. Even rich people in this country do not wear Louis Vuitton and Prada. Most girls here wear extremely short shorts and crop tops. They want to show everything, and we must say that they have much to be proud of!

    They are the best mothers and wives ever

    You have probably met men who married too serious ladies. We mean, if someone takes everything seriously and even personally, conflicts are inevitable. Well, you will not meet grumpy, aggressive, and extremely vulnerable Colombian women, even if you try. This very fact, as well as the fact that they are perfect in everything, from cooking to child-rearing, makes them the best wives in the world.

    Besides, men are so attracted to Colombian beauties not only because of their friendliness, “legendary” curves, positive attitude, and confidence but also because they are the best mothers. People in Colombia love kids: children are always surrounded by loving and caring people, they get the best gifts, and they do not have to be afraid of punishment, especially in the streets or in other public places. Colombian mothers give their children more freedom, but only when they are too young to understand how things work.

    However, once a child turns 5 years old, moms start paying a lot of attention to the discipline. They are waiting for them him or her to make some efforts and become a better version of themselves . In other words, these girls can find a fine line between spoiling a child and being too strict.

    colombian mail order brides

    Why Are Colombian Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

    You may ask, ‘Why are they ready to move abroad with you?’. The matter is that Colombian girls are obsessed with foreign men of European or American origin. Your look, western-style outfit, and good manners can charm a local woman easily. Besides that, Colombians like American culture. They watch American movies and TV shows and dream of visiting and even relocating to the US.
    Colombian guys are often the reason why local women prefer Western men. The local guys often mistreat their women. In Colombia, abusive men are called “machistas.” This word describes a man who shows abusive, sexist behavior towards women and believes he has a right to control them. The local women are tired of these conditions and consider that European or American guys will treat them with more respect, which is often true.
    They believe a foreigner is a more educated and well-mannered person. More than that, a Western man is a wealthy person in the opinion of Colombian women. Indeed, the average salary in the United States is almost three times as big as in Colombia. While an average American worker earns $48,700 annually, his Colombian colleague has to make ends meet with $17,000.

    What Makes A Colombian Bride The Best Wife?

    Marriage to a Colombian bride is like getting a winning ticket at a lottery, and here are the three main reasons why:

    • Family is always on her mind. A typical Colombian woman has a lot on her plate, from learning a new craft to taking care of her friends in need. However, when her family requires her presence, she will never hesitate to abandon everything for her loved ones.
    • She doesn’t mind being a housewife. Unlike most Western women, who often put their careers above their family life, Colombian wives consider the happiness of their families to be their top priority. If it means not having to work again, a Colombian wife will be completely fine with it.
    • She is a pro at managing the family finances. Colombian women don’t grow up with a lot of money, so they are taught how to budget at an early age. No matter how much money you earn, your Colombian wife will make the perfect manager of the family budget and will make sure the family has everything they need.

    What Are Colombian Brides Like?

    There are a few more things to say about Columbian women. They may help you better understand these girls, their nature, and their mentality.

    They are very cheerful

    Some may argue that Colombians are just lazy, but this is not exactly true. They just do not let problems get them down, and they never hurry. Their favorite word is “mariana,” which means “tomorrow” that sometimes means “never.” Besides, Colombian Spanish is the key to the mentality of these women. The most frequently used phrases are “Todo bien” which means “Everything’s fine! Everything’s okay! Nice!” and “Pa delante” which means “Keep going! Everything will be alright!”

    It does not mean that these women are too careless. They always perform their duties and care for their families. Colombian women just stay positive and open to new experiences and opportunities. They are enjoying life to the fullest, and that is fantastic!

    Women of Columbia are the friendliest people in the world

    A lot of men worry about how their international wives will meet their relatives and close friends. Well, you do not have to worry about anything if you have a Colombian wife. Most of these girls are charismatics! They do not do anything extraordinary – they just are themselves: cheerful, honest, emotional, open-minded, and vivacious, and they make friends with all people who surround them without any effort.

    These ladies are religious

    Roman Catholicism is the major religion in countries of South America, and Colombia is not an exception to these rules. Your latina mail order bride will celebrate all religious holidays, not only Christmas, and follow the religious traditions. Still, they are not too religious or conservative, so if you are an atheist or have other religious beliefs, she is likely to be okay with that.

    So, what do we know about these exotic beauties? They are beautiful, honest, friendly, positive charismatics. Sounds good, right? So the next question is where and how to find a Colombian wife.

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    Where Can You Meet Single Colombian Ladies?

    Generally speaking, if you are dreaming of Colombian women, dating them will be possible only if you: 1) move to Colombia, for example, to the capital, Bogota; 2) join one of the best Colombian dating sites.

    Let us be realistic. What are the chances that you will stay in this country, not for a week or two, but at least for 6 months? You need this time to meet a girl and win her heart, and nobody knows if you are lucky enough to meet her in the street or in a restaurant.

    That is why most guys choose dating sites. How to choose a reliable platform? We know the answer.

    How To Find A Reliable Colombian Dating Website?

    To find the best site, you need to follow a few steps:

    colombian wife
    1. Find a few popular and fast-growing Latin dating websites.
    2. Browse each of them to find out if the design and interface are good enough.
    3. Make sure that there are many single ladies from Colombia.
    4. Read the reviews on the Web, identify the main weaknesses and benefits of each site.
    5. Browse each of the sites again, find all the info about the prices and terms & conditions.
    6. Check if there are any hidden costs, information about the accounts, registration rules.
    7. Sign up and try to use some free features like search and browsing profiles.
    8. Find out if profiles are detailed. Make sure that you can add more personal information, i.e., edit your own profile.
    9. Analyze all the information, compare the platforms, and choose the best one.

    As you can see, everything is possible and pretty easy. However, it is a time-consuming process. Nevertheless, you need to check everything carefully before you provide your personal data and spend some hard-earned dollars.

    Top Myths About Colombian Brides

    There are several myths about Colombian mail order brides that are told by men who haven’t met a single Colombian woman in their lives. In reality, these 3 most common myths are completely untrue:

    They are not made for domestic life

    Colombian girls are full of love and life, and given how interesting their lives are, you may get the impression that they don’t want to leave it all behind. But while her friendships and hobbies will be very important to a Colombian wife, they will never be as important as a quiet married life with a man she loves.

    They find it hard to stay loyal to one man

    Colombian women have enough fire and passion for several men, which is why it’s easy to think that loyalty isn’t their strong suit and they can never be satisfied with just one partner. However, deep down, all a Colombian bride wants is to find a reliable, respectful man and spend the rest of her life with him.

    They only marry foreigners for money or visa

    This myth is only around 5% true — your financial situation does matter to a Colombian bride, but all she wants is for you to make enough money to make life comfortable for her and your future children. Colombian women are not looking for luxury in life and if they simply want to move to a more developed country, marriage isn’t their only option.

    7 Tips On Dating A Colombian Girl

    What is dating a Colombian woman like? Is it difficult to break the cultural barrier and enjoy communicating with a hot girl? Of course, it is, but you need to know some rules that will help you avoid the most common mistakes.

    So, here are some basic rules of Colombian dating:

    1. Be a gentleman. Do not even try to hide your emotions and feelings – if you remain cold and distant, she will think that you do not like her at all.
    2. Remember some words. “Murieca,” “mi amor,” “mi corazon” are the words you need to learn. Calling her “sweetie,” “honey,” “darling,” “my love,” etc. is a must!
    3. Compliment her everything – do not be shy, tell her how great she looks today, how wonderful her face is, and so on and so forth. Girls from Colombia just love when men are focused only on them.
    4. Never make her jealous. Colombian women are very loving and passionate, that is true, but they are jealous as well. Do not provoke her by giving her a reason to be jealous, and your relationship will be perfect.
    5. Do not joke about cocaine, marijuana, and Pablo Escobar. Some girls are okay with this, and some are not. Do not risk – most Colombians hate when foreigners joke about these problems.
    6. Be respectful. We cannot deny the fact that these ladies like compliments and attention, but it does not mean that you do not have to be respectful. Show her that you treat her like a queen, not like an easy girl.
    7. Pay for dinner. Columbian women do not mind when guys pay the bill; they even appreciate this. So forget about the new western values and trends and take her to a good restaurant.


    How much is the Colombian bride’s price?

    It’s about $6K overall to get a bride from Colombia. This is quite affordable compared to getting married to other international brides.

    What do Colombian brides wear?

    In Latin America, it’s common for brides to wear white dresses, and the same can be said about Colombian brides who wear dresses similar to the style of Western.

    What is a Colombian mail order bride?

    A Colombian mail order bride is a woman interested in meeting the right person for commitment through the help of international dating services. 

    Where to find a Colombian bride?

    La-Date is an amazing opportunity if you’re interested in meeting and dating Colombian women online. But if you’re in Colombia, you shouldn’t forget to visit the top places like Mount Monserrate, Gold Museum, and Barrio La Candelaria.

    If you are looking for someone who will make your life complete, why not search for a dream girl in Colombia? This country is truly amazing, and local women are the biggest treasure. Besides, there are a lot of reliable Colombian dating sites, so you do not even need to spend a fortune on tickets and hotels to meet a stunning local girl.
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