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    La Date Review Review: Should You Consider This Service For Dating Experience?
    La-Date Review: A Top Latin American Dating Site In 2024
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    Nowadays, you are not required to travel the world if you want to meet the love of your life. Everything you need is to decide what kind of woman you want to find and what origin she should have. Next, you should choose the right online dating platform to meet a girl of your dreams. To help you make the most optimal choice for yourself, we created this Amigos dating site review.

    • three versions of the website (in English, Portuguese, Spanish);
    • absence of the pop-up advertisements;
    • LGBT-friendly website.
    THE BAD:
    • a confusing sign-up process;
    • very limited access for free members;
    • poor-quality profiles;
    • high prices;
    • dubious privacy rules.
    Summary is a platform for people from all over the world who have Latino descent or are interested in dating such men and women. Primarily, it is used by Americans, but there are also Spanish and Portuguese-speaking users.

    How it works?

    When we visited the Amigos dating site for the first time, we were doubting whether it is still working or not. Its homepage looks like the one created in 2007, which is not the right approach to running an online dating community. The website for dating should be versatile, up-to-date, and look reliable, and that’s not how is looking at first sight.

    At the top left corner of the screen, we can see two login buttons and one registration button. At the top right corner, you can choose the language of the platform. On the left, you can fill out a short registration form to get started or use the ‘Join Now for Free’ button at the bottom right corner. As you can see, the website developers did not care much about the presentation of the service. There is no ‘About us’ page or FAQ list for newcomers. No success stories can be found here too, and the description of the services provided is also very modest. You can see it if you scroll the page down.

    amigos dating site

    The ‘Why join Amigos?’ memo contains laconic information on the benefits of, but when you click on either of hyperlinks in text, you are taken to the same registration page. As we cannot get familiar with the service as guests, let’s sign up on the Amigos dating site.

    We will register using the form on the homepage. To do that, we enter the following information.

    amigos com review

    To proceed, we need to click on the ‘Search’ button. As a result, we were presented with a list of matching profiles that look like this.

    amigos com review

    However, when we clicked to review the very first profile, we were surprisingly redirected to the registration page. As we noticed, the process of sign-up cannot be completed through the form on the homepage, so we started inputting the same data in the form at the right.

    The second step is adding the birth date and location. Please note that the zip code search provided next to the respective is not working, so better use Google if you can’t remember it.

    amigos dating

    The third step requires you to input your email and create your username and password.

    amigos dating site

    After entering these details, you will be taken to step 4 of a sign-up process. Here, you can add more information about yourself, like race, body type, orientation, and marital status. Please note that having the ability to choose the sex of your potential partners at the first step is also flexible, e.g. you can choose men if you are a man, etc. This is a good feature compared to similar dating sites. Only a few of them have it.

    amigos dating

    The last step implies  writing a short introduction. It is needed to present your profile to others when they are searching for their matches. As you can see, the second field is not required for filling out so you can omit it.

    amigos dating

    When you are done, click on the respective button to finish the process of registration.

    So far, we can say that the registration process on the Amigos dating website is rather confusing. If you use the form on the homepage, it will only show you a list with a few matching profiles. To register, you need to click on the ‘Join now for free’ button on the homepage.


    As we pointed out earlier, the website was designed for people who are looking for a partner among Latino women and men. You can register from all over the world, but you will hardly find anyone of other descent than Latino here. Also, the website has three versions in English, Portuguese, and Spanish languages to choose from.

    When it comes to direct search for profiles, there were not so many latin brides who matched the  criteria. In fact, there were only 8 profiles of women from our neighborhood in New Jersey of the age from 18 to 28 (you can find the screenshot in the previous section of the guide). When we were researching the audience of the platform, we found this Amigos com review that confirmed our apprehension regarding the quality of profiles on Amigos.

    amigos dating site review

    With this in mind, we cannot say that the Amigos dating site is a good place to start your online dating experience. If you register here, you are risking to meet nobody and conclude that such kind of communication is not for you. Consequently, we advise you to continue searching for other options.


    Let’s take a look at the prices on to understand whether you can give it a chance despite its quality of profiles.

    The Amigos dating website proposes two types of subscription:  Silver and Gold. The former allows you to:

    • contact new members;
    • watch video presentations;
    • appear after Gold members in the search results.

    The price of this plan is $9.99 if you order a monthly subscription once, or you can pay $25.85 for a three-month membership.

    The Gold subscription allows you to:

    • appear at the top of the search list;
    • have unlimited communication with all users;
    • get access to all features of the website.

    This option will cost you $19.99 for a one-month membership, or $35.80 for three months.

    In comparison to other dating websites, we cannot say that these prices are reasonable for the set of features provided, especially in the case of Silver membership. Moreover, we don’t advise you to use due to very limited options if you are a free member. In this case, you cannot even open the full profile of the other user (let alone  text anyone). Thus, we are sure that Amigos dating platform is not a good choice for anyone.

    Website of the day: La Date

    9.9 RATE
    1996 Visits today


    The safety of personal and financial data is one of the most important things in online dating, especially if you want to stay anonymous due to some reasons. We take this issue seriously too – and that’s why we paid special attention to the Amigos policies regarding the subject.

    To get to know more about the safety, we referred to the Privacy policy of, and here is what we found.
    amigos dating site

    As you can see, the company confirms that it may share your personal information with its subsidiaries to spam you with their marketing emails about their services. A few paragraphs later, we see the following:
    amigos dating site review

    Amigos dating site rules contradict themselves even at the same policy section, which is not acceptable for any company that is doing business online. Hence, we advise you to refrain from using this service to protect yourself from unwanted activities of other companies that may receive your contact details.


    What is Amigos.Com? is an online dating platform for people of Latino descent or those who wish to meet a Latino partner. It was launched in 1996, according to the information on its website.

    How much does Amigos.Com cost? offers Silver and Gold plans for its users. One month of Silver plan costs $9.99 and a three-month plan costs $25.85. One month of the Gold plan will cost you $19.99 or $36.80 for a three-month plan.

    Is Amigos.Com Legit?

    Due to the quality of profiles it offers, its policies and reviews of its users, we cannot say that it is a legit website.

    Who owns Amigos.Com?

    It is a part of FriendFinder Networks, Inc.

    Does Amigos.Com have a mobile app?

    No, there is no separate app for Amigos. However, FriendFinder Networks, Inc. developed an iOS app for all of its websites.

    How do I delete my Amigos.Com account?

    You can remove your account by contacting the Support team of the Amigos dating site.

    Alicia Morris
    Alicia Morris
    Alicia Morris is a Chief Editor at My Latin Bride. Vast experience in a dating industry allows her to claim she knows everything about this sphere. Alicia strives to help people find safe matchmaking platforms for meeting their potential partners. She’s passionate about researching, checking matchmaking services, and recommending credible sites to singles.

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